Expanding our line with chassis scales

14 May 2024

Dynapond now features vehicle-mounted chassis scales in its product line. Chassis scales offer several advantages:

Registration of loaded/unloaded weight: With the new chassis scale, you can easily document the weight of cargo loaded onto or off the vehicle. This allows for increased transparency and control over transport.
Clarity for the driver: The driver has real-time information about the vehicle’s current load, for smoother planning and optimization.
Efficient invoicing: The scales are type approved and can be verified for invoicing purposes based on weight. This makes invoicing and accounting easier to manage.
Statistics and follow-ups: Data from the chassis scales can be used to analyze waste quantities over time and optimize the transport process.

Dynapond’s new chassis scales are an investment in efficiency and precision. Contact us today for more information and a quote!

The Dynapond system installed on a garbage truck

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