Refiner control


Dynamic weighing

From Jeeves to Monitor

We have now changed business system from Jeeves to Monitor. For our customers, this means that order confirmations, invoices and other documents have a new look. We look forward to working in Monitor. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Dynapond takes over sales from Dametric regarding old weighing system products

This applies to the following products: DWE-20B+ Dynamic scale for strain gauges DWE-CT1 Accelerometer for DWE-20B+ WDS-DS5BT Arm reader for RFID 125-134 kHz  

Another GMU-CD01-IO system up and running, now at SCA Ortviken

The rollout of our GMU product line continues. At SCA Ortviken (in Sweden), two CD refiners have now been updated with our new GMU-CD01-IO system, including AGS sensors. The package also includes AGS systems for three new RF5 refiners. All systems are equipped with a...