Dynapond – dynamic weighing

Dynapond – dynamic weighing

At Dametric we have over 20 years of experience in dynamic weighing and registration. During this time we have driven the technical development forward and developed our new 3rd generation system for dynamic weighing and registration.

The subsidiary Dynapond is marketing and selling this system for dynamic weighing and registration, also called Dynapond, as well as Dametric’s previous scale and tag system solutions.

Dynapond delivers a complete overall solution for dynamic weighing and registration with the aim of fulfilling all customers’ needs to weigh correctly and to register everything, including deviations, in a simple way.

Open interface
Dynapond’s interface is free to implement against all business systems on the market.

Today we have a fully developed overall concept, called Dynaledge, together with B&M Systemutveckling. With our hardware from Dynapond and the program FetchPlanner from B&M Systemutveckling, we can handle route planning, weighing and registration.

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Dynamic scale

Dynamic scale

With our patented, cutting-edge dynamic bin scale, Dynapond is breaking new ground in waste management. Here, the angle sensor, trigger sensor, load cell and measurement electronics have been integrated into a single compact unit, with no need for calibration or external components.

Despite its advanced electronics and small size, the dynamic scale is built for serious wear and tear. The built-in overload protection impresses with its unique impact resistance, withstanding overloads and underloads of at least 10 tons.

RFID reader

Dynapond’s new RFID reader, that’s mounted onto the bin lock, features an exceptionally wide reading area. This allows for much greater flexibility when placing bins on the lifter. The multicolored lightbar provides immediate visual feedback, showing the user when everything is working smoothly – and notifying them when it’s not.

Arm reader

Our wristband reader replaces or complements vehicle-mounted RFID equipment. The registrations are stored internally or sent to connected equipment. The unit is rugged and weather resistant.

  • Reads all available tags in the 125 and 134.2 kHz frequency bands
  • Encapsulated electronics, shockproof and waterproof
  • Stores up to 2000 empties internally in memory
  • Bluetooth® Smart version 4.2 compatible
  • More than 16 hours of battery life
Arm reader