AGS – Adjustable Gap Sensor

AGS – Adjustable Gap Sensor

The AGS sensor represents a further development of the TDC sensor. Whereas a TDC involves it being statically embedded in the refiner’s stator segment, the tip of an AGS can be moved. The tip can be moved forwards and backwards in an AGS, unlike a TDC where it is statically embedded in the refiner’s stator segment.

It is thus possible to calibrate it more often and faster in order to increase the sensor’s precision. This approach reduces the refiner’s downtime and lowers the total production cost.

User-friendly usage

The AGS sensor is an integrated system that includes:

  • Ground column sensor (TDC)
  • Temperature sensor
  • Vibration sensor (high frequency / TVD)
  • Conductivity sensor
  • Stepper motor that handles the movement of the tip

The system is user-friendly and the calibration is not affected by the operator.

The service panel

The management of the system includes a Panel PC that controls the calibration process and informs the operator about the calibration steps. Thereafter, the operator has the option to accept or reject the new calibration.

Areas of use

AGS sensors can be used for all types of refiners currently using TDC sensors, with the exception of Dual Disk refiners. The tip of the AGS sensor is identical to the tip of a TDC sensor. An AGS can be used together with an RMS, RS1 or GMS measuring system. Measuring tips for AGS sensors can be purchased either from your local sales agent or directly from Dametric.

Exchange of tips

The tip, which wears down at the same rate as the grinding wheels, is easily replaced during segment change. The system has a built-in user-friendly guide for tip change.

Technical specifications

Sensor principle Reluctance sensor
Measuring range 0-3 mm
Response time 500 ms
Accuracy ± 0.03 mm plus ± 1% of current value
Resolution 0.01 mm
Temperature range 0-220/75 ºC
Materials Stainless steel, bronze, plastics and aluminum
Mechanical dimensions Depending on model
The AGS house WxHxL W 80, H 180, L 150 mm
Diameter of the holder 45-55 mm
Diameter of the measuring tip 25/27 mm
Distance to supporting edge 23/30 mm
Total length 350-653 mm
Weight 2.5-8.0 kg


For further information, a brochure in English can be read.

Download the brochure for the AGS sensor »
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