AGS - Adjustable Gap Sensor

The AGS sensor represents a further development of the TDC sensor. Whereas a TDC involves it being statically embedded in the refiner's stator segment, the tip of an AGS can be moved.

Therefore, it is possible to frequently calibrate during production to improve the reliability and accuracy of the calibration process. This way of working reduces the downtime on the refiner and lowers the overall production costs.

User-friendly usage

The AGS sensor is an integrated unit combining the measuring tip of the TDC sensor with these units:

  • A disc clearance sensor
  • A temperature sensor
  • A high frequency vibration sensor
  • A stepping motor managing the movement of the tip

Furthermore, the system is very user-friendly and does not require specifically trained personnel operating it.

The monitoring system

The monitoring system for the AGS sensor includes a Panel PC that controls the calibration process and continuously informs the operator of the calibration steps. The calibration values will not be executed until the operator has approved the calibration result.

Areas of use

AGS sensors can be used for all types of refiners that currently use TDC sensors, with the exception of Double Disc refiners. The tip of the AGS sensor is identical to the one of the TDC sensor.

Buy AGS sensors from us

An AGS can be used together with an RMS, RS1 or GMS measuring system. Measuring tips for AGS sensors can be purchased either from your local sales agent or directly from Dametric.


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