Dynapond AB has rolled out its first 8 garbage trucks, approved by RISE*

09 August 2022

The first 8 Dynapond-equipped garbage trucks are now up and running in the Stockholm area, ordered by Liselotte Lööf Miljö AB. The trucks feature Dynapond’s new patented system for registration, weighing and deviation handling. Its scale system is built to cope with the tough garbage truck environment and uses a new measuring principle with an integrated overload protection.

Heard from users at Liselotte Lööf Miljö:
– This system makes our job easier. The wide RFID antenna makes it easy to attach and read bins, which is better for backs and shoulders. Being able to handle deviations in real time using the truck’s rear terminal allows for quick, smooth work.

Together with the further developed RFID technology, Dynapond’s new dynamic scale helps entrepreneurs and municipalities to achieve 100% correct registration of weights and deviations. The RISE* certified system for weighing and registration is built in a smart way that simplifies work on board the garbage truck, while minimizing downtime for the entrepreneur.

*RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) is a Swedish research institute and innovation partner.

Dynapond system


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