Tag reader



Bin lock reader/RFID reader

Dametric’s newly developed RFID reader, which is mounted on the bin lock, has a very wide reading area. This means that there is considerable tolerance at placement of the bin. The multicolored lightbar provides the user with immediate information regarding tag reading and other status.

Bracelet reader

Our bracelet reader can replace or complement vehicle-mounted RFID equipment, while the registrations are either stored internally or sent to connected equipment. Furthermore, the unit can endure a large amount of wear and tear and it is also weatherproof.

  • Reads all existing tags in the 125 and 134,2 kHz frequency bands
  • Encapsulated electronics, shockproof and waterproof
  • Stores up to 2000 clearances internally in its memory
  • Bluetooth® Smart version 4.2 compatible
  • Features at least 16 hours of battery time



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