WDS-DS5BT - Data System & Bluetooth

WDS-DS5BT is an RFID reader that you can attach to your arm for the registration of RFID tags. The reader either replaces or complements vehicle mounted RFID equipment.

Transaction data is transmitted wirelessly to the station computer. Upon the collecting of empty containers or when present in garbage rooms and mud drums, the RFID code is registered via the portable reader.

WDS-DS5BT is an updated version of WDS-DS4 that was launched in 2008. What's new is that this hand reader now is compatible with all units that support Bluetooth® Smart version 4.2, as well as previous versions.

Technical specifications

  • Reads all existing tags in 125 and 134.2 kHz frequency span
  • Enclosed electronics, impact resistant and waterproof
  • Radio transmission starts with the shake of a hand
  • Transmission distance of 70 meters between the reader and the receiver
  • Stores up to 2,000 registrations in the memory
  • Built-in real-time watch with auto sync to the PC
  • Automatic transmission of data upon reconnecting
  • Bluetooth® Smart version 4.2 compatible
  • 16 hours of battery lifetime
  • Delivery includes a radio receiver and a charger for vehicle usage

360° application

Click on the image to look at the hand reader in 360 degrees.

WDS-DS4 in 360°


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