Dynapond, the 3rd generation system for dynamic weighing and registration, consists of:

  • A new patented scale that can withstand a large amount of bashing
  • A new RFID reader for the bin lock with a very large reading area
  • Deviation management and registration information directly at the lift
  • A communication unit ensuring quality assurance of your registrations and weighings

Thanks to our extensive experience, in collaboration with various operators in the industry, we have seen a significant need for simplifying, improving and ensuring quality assurance of the systems in many areas. And due to Dynapond's high level of reliability and simplicity, we have envisioned huge benefits both from an economic and work environment perspective regarding the use of the system.

Benefits with Dynapond

Economists/business analysts

  • Straightforward installation and service
  • Simplified verification
  • Solid construction for a long lifetime
  • 100% registration of clearances


  • Straightforward operation
  • Simple user interface


  • Self-diagnostics with remote support
  • Vehicle surveillance of position and status etc.

Service & installation technicians

  • Minimal wiring
  • No cable up to the cabin
  • Self-configurating system
  • No calibration required
  • Self-diagnostics with remote support

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