About Dametric

About Dametric

Dametric specializes in electronics for harsh industrial environments. We offer solutions for refiner control, as well as dynamic weighing and registration.

For more than 40 years we have developed a unique competence regarding different techniques for measuring:









Our company has considerable experience in:

Measuring techniques


Data management


Presentation of measuring values in the processing industry

Experienced employees

Dametric’s employees have genuine experience in construction and production within electronics, data and mechanics. Our competence gives our customers a business advantage.

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Sensor details


Dametric’s products and services cover everything ranging from single sensors to complete customized measuring systems. We have extensive experience of combining electronics and mechanics in harsh industrial environments.

Our vision is to be innovative and develop the industry standard.

We see it as essential to provide our customers with products and services that are precisely suited to their needs.

We strive to improve the environment by providing technologies that will help to optimize operations and thereby save on energy.

In-house production

At Dametric we can proudly boast comprehensive expertise across a large number of technical areas. Thanks to our advanced production resources, we are able to successfully cover every aspect of the manufacturing process. This means that we control everything from research and development to actual production.

Software development

Our products include applications for PC and built-in systems. We are dedicated to delivering the very latest software with the latest programming technologies.

Electronic development

We design our own hardware, which often includes microprocessor based systems and the use of bus systems. We have considerable expertise in PCB design.

Mechanical engineering

At Dametric we have our own in-house mechanical engineering and design department where we build our prototypes. We have a multifunctional lathe in use that gives us considerable capacity and flexibility in development and production.

The multifunctional lathe

With the help of the multifunctional lathe we can manufacture products from scratch. One of the products that we have developed in-house is an RFID antenna that is used for dynamic weighing and registration.

The RFID antenna

The RFID antenna is manufactured in our multifunctional lathe. Follow the process in the video.